Kick-off for TraFaDy on 3 Oct. 2022

The TraFaDy kick-off took place on 3 October 2022 when the members of the management committee met for the first time. The meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium. Besides being the official start of the Cost Action, the participants had the chance to meet each other in person, discuss the general process of the upcoming years and have the first major decisions.

The agenda included important items like elections, agreement on the structure, the work and budget plan and first inputs on the work of the working group.

The Management Committee elected Mieke Schrooten (BE) Chair and Sven Iversen (DE) Vice Chair. Odisee was elected as Grant Holder Institution. Additionally the leaders of the Working group were elected: .
• WG1 Kinkeeping: Irma Budginaite-Mackine (Vice leader: Judit Vegh)
• WG2 Children and young people: Patrick Meurs (Vice leader: Yannis Papadopoulos)
• WG3 Social Rights: Vida Česnuitytė (Vice leader: Emília Araújo)
• WG4 Health and wellbeing: Viorela Ducu telegdi Csetri (Vice leader: Carlos Barros & Karlijn Haagsman)
• WG5 Methodology: Jelena Predojevic-Despic (Vice leader: Lisa Moran)
• WG6 Practise and policy impact group: Attila Bőhm (Vice leader: tba)

Other leadership positions:
• Grant Awarding Coordinator: Jos Sterckx
• Science Communication Coordinator: Maria Brown

For the working process the Managament Committee decided to establish a Core Group, consisting of the Action’s chair, vice-chair, grant holder scientific representative, grant awarding coordinator, science communication coordinator and the working group leaders. The mandate of the Core group is the day-to-day management and urgency cases.

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