Working Group 5
Talking across disciplines: Methodological issues research and data collection

Working Group 5 explores and elucidates methodological challenges for research on transnational families and provides solutions for the paucity of inadequate definitions, data sources and data comparability in research on transnational families generally. We examine the significance of qualitative approaches (including participatory, narrative, biographical and visual methods) in research on transnational families and underline the importance of more quantitative research on transnational families in Europe and beyond. There is also a need for more enhanced integration of peer reviewed research with national and local statistical and administrative data sources, most of which are household-based, at a local/national level and significant investment is needed in qualitative/mixed method research that captures the complexity and richness of transnational family dynamics. To overcome these challenges, this WG critically examines data collection techniques (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods) on interrelated topics including transnational migration, family-related flows and the complexity of everyday life. We also focus on factors that potentially help and hinder greater stakeholder participation and exchange of research ideas across contexts (e.g. national, local, international) to further optimise critical engagement on methodological questions and align research ideas to improve outcomes for policy and practice.

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Working group leader:
Dr Jelena Despic
Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia

Dr Lisa Moran
Edge Hill University


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