Working Groups

TraFaDy develops a systematic exchange of knowledge, innovative interdisciplinary and international perspectives on Transnational Families and tangible recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers. To achieve this, 6 thematic working groups (WGs) were formed: Four of them address critical areas that have gained importance in research, practice and policy and therefore require significant theoretical and empirical development. In addition, one Working group will stimulate methodological progress and another one will consolidate the recommendations of the work into clear and tangible recommendations for stakeholders and policy makers.

Working Group 1
Kinkeeping within Transnational Families

In a global, digital and super-diverse society the concept of “family” and the way family ties are shaped are highly diversified and complex. Kinkeeping within transnational families takes place within various forms of copresence which are (re)shaped by digital…

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Working Group 6
Practises and policy impact

This working group analyses whether existing policies at local, regional, national, European and international levels, and welfare and health services effectively address the needs of Transnational Families. It therefore links the results and objectives of the WGs and assist…

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