Working Group 2
Integrating the perspective of vulnerable children and young people in welfare and policy

Working Group 2 focuses on psychosocial care and vulnerability prevention policies for Transnational Families children and adolescents. These are often neglected in both research and practice. Without sensitivity to the vulnerabilities and potential of children and adolescents in Transnational Families , the risk is too great that their needs will continue to be overlooked. WG2 explores how local actors try to handle this missing ‘politics of childhood’ (Scheper-Hughes, 1999) and documents how in some parts of Europe promising projects are emerging to prevent further problematic development from the first signs of vulnerability and to promote strength and resilience. WG2 takes on the challenge of shedding light on whether there are gender and age differences in psychosocial counselling and policy.

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More on our work

  • 24 June – 03 July 2024: TraFaDy International Summer School

    The summer school will be hosted by Odisee, Brussels, Belgium. Working Group 2 is responsible for curating this years summer school. Like 2023, it will be internationally acknowledged lecturers, experienced guest speakers, interactive workshops engaging practitioners from the field and off-campus excursions that will make this Summer School informative AND fun. On the program Families…

  • 17-18 October 2024, Berlin (GER): Conference on intergenerational care in transnational families and meeting of Working Group 2

    Overview 17-18 October 2024: In Detail: Day One: Thursday, 17 October 2024: Conference On 17 October there will be a conference on intergenerational care in transnational families, which is co-hosted by TraFaDy, the German Centre for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM) and the Association of German Family Organisations (AGF) in Berlin, Germany: Additional Evening event,…

  • 25-27 November 2024: Third General Meeting

    The meeting will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. You will find more information at this place soon.


Working group leader:
Dr Anne Carolina Ramos
University of Fribourg

Dr Ioannis Papadopoulos
Research Center for Modern History

Ana Catarina Pinheiro da Mota
University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro – UTAD


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