Dissemination Conference Grants

TraFaDy encourages and supports Dissemination Conferences (in short: DC). In its first phase, until 31st October 2023, there are approx. 2 DC Grants (DCG) to be awarded and conducted. Applicants were invited to apply up to 6st January 2023.

A Dissemination Conference consists in a presentation of the work of TraFaDy in high-level conferences by an Action participant. This should increase the visibility of TraFaDy in the research community and be able to contribute to increasing visibility of the presenter. Additionally it should attract additional participants and stakeholders and disseminate Action results to relevant end-users at high profile Conferences in the field on a topic relevant to the Action.

The Dissemination Conference Grantee: receives support for attending and presenting TraFaDy, the activities, and results (oral presentation) at a conference and/or for developing new contacts and potential future collaborations.

Conferences can be face-to-face or virtual conferences.

More information about the COST rules on DCG is available at the COST Annotated Rules for COST Actions (https://www.cost.eu/Annotated_Rules_for_COST_Actions_C).

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