Dissemination Conference Grants

TraFaDy encourages and supports Dissemination Conferences (in short: DC). In its first phase, until 31st October 2023, there are approx. 2 DC Grants (DCG) to be awarded and conducted. Applicants were invited to apply up to 6st January 2023. A Dissemination Conference consists in a…

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Grants for persons from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC)

TraFaDy encourages and supports that young researchers and PhD students from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) attend international conferences that are not organised by COST Actions (in short: ITC grant). The aim of the grant consists in a presentation of the own work given by a…

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Short-Term Scientific Missions

TraFaDy encourages and supports Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). STSMs are Exchange Visits aiming at strengthening the existing networks by allowing individual researchers to go to an institution or laboratory in other COST country to foster collaboration and contribute to the scientific objectives of TraFaDy. STSMs…

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Virtual Mobility grant

TraFaDy supports Virtual Mobility (VM). VMs consists of a collaboration in a virtual setting among researchers or innovators within the COST Action to exchange knowledge, learn new techniques, aiming at strengthening (the existing) networks and contribute to the scientific objectives of TraFaDy. VMs consists of…

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