Working Group 1
Kinkeeping within Transnational Families

In a global, digital and super-diverse society the concept of “family” and the way family ties are shaped are highly diversified and complex. Kinkeeping within transnational families takes place within various forms of copresence which are (re)shaped by digital technologies. Kinkeeping is also impacted by restrictions on and opportunities for transnational mobilities, e.g., due to migration regimes or the Covid-19 pandemic. In such a context, WG1 focuses on how transnational families are conceptualised, how “doing family” processes are transforming in a global and digital era, how transnational families are coping with such challenging conditions.

Our working group aims to develop an up-to-date framework for conceptualising transnational families (TNF) through a literature review and gather up-to-date evidence on how the Covid-19 experience has changed the communication modes and patterns within TNF. In co-creation with practitioners and policy makers, we will look at what these insights mean for concrete practices and share the results of our work with academic community and wider audience.

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Working group leader:
Dr. Irma Budginaite-Mackine
Vilnius University

Judit Vegh
ELTE PPK Budapest


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