13-14. May 2024: Symposium by TraFaDy and MITRA on “Linking policy and academia: Transnational Families in Europe”

This 2-day includes a symposium and a PhD Training and will take place at CASTLE – Centre for the Study of Transnational Families, Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB), Romania. It is co-organised by TraFaDy and IMISCOE’s Standing Committee on Migrant Transnationalism (MITRA).

The participants aim to link theoretical findings to political developments and formulate arguments and proposals for them. Together, we will explore avenues for research-policy dialogue and collaborative action to ensure the rights and well-being of migrant families are upheld in policy-making processes. We will bring together scholars, researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers working in fields related to migration, family, policy, and related disciplines. Researchers and policy makers are invited to present their research and current political debates and to reflect on those. Secondly there will be a PhD training that focuses on translating research findings into policy. One important corner stone will be the challenges of middle and eastern European states to be at the same time sending and receiving countries.

The first day of the symposium will consist of paper presentations, workshops and a keynote. On the second day of the symposium, we have a special training for early career researchers such as PhDs and postdocs on how to relate academic research to policy.

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