Core Group

The MC Core Group acts as the ‘Bureau’ of the MC.
It consists of the MC Chair and Vice-Chair, the budget holder, the Science Communication Coordinator and the Working Group leaders.

Prof. Mieke Schrooten
Action Chair and Grant Holder Scientific Representative

Sven Iversen
Action Vice Chair

Dr Egemen Ipek
Science Communication

Stefanie Derks
Stefanie Derks
Grant Awarding Coordinator

Dr. Irma Budginaite-Mackine
Working group 1

Dr. Anne Carolina Ramos
Working group 2

Dr Vida Cesnuityte
Working group 3

Dr Viorela Ducu Telegdi Csetri
Working group 4

Dr Jelena Despic
Working group 5

Mr Attila Böhm
Working group 6

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