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The Action encourages and supports that young researchers and PhD students from Inclusive Target Countries (ITC) attend international conferences (in short: ITC grant or ITCG). The TraFaDy Action launches now a 5th call for proposals.

The TraFaDy Action has received additional budget to award ITC grants. A 6th call for proposals is hereby launched.. The activity must be in line with the general COST Action CA21143 goals and objectives ( and must take place preferably before the 30 September 2024 .

Applicants are invited to apply up to 15 May 2024 12 PM CET.

Successful applicants will receive an allowance up to €1 800 per grant for face-to-face conferences (the average of requested ITC grants is €1 000). The budget will be awarded to the successful applicants in accordance with COST rules. The ITC grant will be paid after the conference (acceptance of the scientific report and all other requested documents required). The ITC grant candidates must therefore pre-finance costs related to the ITC (travel, stay, meals).

After the ITC, the ITC participant, among other things, must submit a scientific report to the Host and to the Grant Awarding Coordinator within 30 days after the end of his/her stay and in any case on 15th of October 2024 at the latest.

What are ITCGs?

An ITCG supports presentations of the own work given by a Young Researcher or and Innovator affiliated in an Inclusiveness Target Country / Near Neighbor Country in high-level conferences. ITC Conferences:

  • serve COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy;
  • support Young Researchers and Innovators affiliated in a legal entity in an Inclusiveness Target Countries/ Near Neighbour Countries to establish a strong network and increase their visibility in the research community through sharing their work and to gain knowledge;
  • can contribute to increasing visibility of the Action.

The ITC Conference Grantee receives support for attending and presenting their work (poster/oral presentation) at a conference and can establish new contacts for future collaborations. Conferences can be face-to-face or virtual conferences.

The ITC Conference contributes to the scientific objectives of our COST Action. Note that all ITC Grants must be in line with the general COST Action CA21143 goals and objectives (


If you are interested in applying, complete the on-line application available at your e-COST account. You’ll find the grant here:
The following supporting documents must be included in the application:

  • Application form (template available on e-COST) describing: Relevance of the conference topic to the Action and Motivation describing the potential for impact on the applicant’s career;
  • Copy of the abstract of the accepted oral or poster presentation;
  • Acceptance letter from the conference organisers;
  • Estimated budget to be spent for travel (maximum of €600) , lodging and per diem expenses (max of €160/day).

Applicants are invited to apply up to 15 May 2024 12 PM CET. The Core Groups strives to inform them about the result of their application in the second half of week 23 (3-6 June 2024)via the e-COST system.

Please find more information and the download of the grant here:

Need more information? Contact Stefanie Derks, TraFaDy Grant Awarding Coordinator (

Please inform your network on these great new opportunities for networking and cooperation.

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